Friday, February 02, 2007

Tatum enjoys chillin' in the SNOW!

We all got a little bit of snow last night, so Antonio got to stay at home with us today and work from home. Tatum and I decided to take full advantage of this. We dressed Tatum up in her little polar bear outfit. Here are a few pictures after Antonio got her dressed.

Since I love to check my email and myspace each morning first thing, I saw Alesa's cute pics of Addyson in the snow, so I stole her idea to use the Bumbo (not sure if that is the right name) and let Tatum sit in the snow so we could take pics. Tatum LOVES to stand up these days, so she did not sit down in her seat right away. Here is a pic of Antonio trying to put her in the seat, but Tatum decided to stand.

After a minute, she decided to sit down. Can you tell that she LOVES it when we take pictures of her??

Then I got the idea that she was not looking at the camera because it was so bright outside, so I ran in and got her little sunglasses so she could wear them. How cool does she look???

I felt like Maggie was getting a little jealous of all the attention that Tatum was getting, so I took a picture of her too. She thought it was WAY too cold outside though, so she was ready to come in.

Here is a picture of Tatum after we came back in. Antonio was still bundled up in his warm clothes.

Next is Tatum in her exersaucer again. She has really grown since the last time we put her in it. She has figured out how to spin around slowly and she even hits some of the things with her hands. Tatum's feet still don't touch the bottom yet, but she can point her toes like a little ballerina and spin around somehow.

You would think with all the toys on the exersaucer that Tatum would be entertained, but NO, Tatum's new love is shown below...

I promise I don't let her watch TV all day or anything, but every once in a while it will really catch her eye and she just stares and stares. It is so funny.


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Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Tatum!!!! The sun was def bright. Addyson would not even open her eyes!! Addyson LOVES to watch the TV too!! It is funny what grabs their attention!

Robynn said...

If you're interested, we have some Baby Einstein DVDs that Katie used to LOVE watching. I love the pictures of Tatum in the snow, and that little outfit! Absolutely precious.