Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just Our Luck....

Since Tatum has begun to eat a little bit of solid foods, Antonio and I decided it would be fun to get the high chair out of the box and put it together. We put Tatum to bed and started working. He started on one half and I started on another. I finished mine and looked up to see Antonio's not so happy look on his face. He then said we would have to be done for the night and would not get to finish the high chair. I was about to get mad and I asked him why. He then showed me that they(the packaging company) put 2 of the same parts in the box so we were missing a key part (one of the legs to the high chair). So, it looks like I will be calling the 1-800 number tomorrow to request the right part to be sent.

A few updates...

Even though my shot was very painful and my hip is still sore, I am feeling MUCH better. I have been able to keep what little I have eaten down and I hope to be working again tomorrow.
I have now lost 17.5 pounds since Christmas, but I lost lots because of being sick, so I am guessing that I will gain some back when I get my full appetite back. I liked seeing the smaller number on the scale, but I think I would have preferred not getting sick!

Also, my cousin got discharged today from the hospital. The doctors apparently ruled that he just had a REALLY bad sinus infection gone wrong(?). Sounds crazy, but hopefully he is back to normal soon.

Thanks for all the prayers!

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