Wednesday, February 21, 2007

3rd Day Back to Work

Today at work was good again. It is so funny how people can try to really mess you over by being selfish and greedy, yet God laughs and makes everything for you turn out okay. I must admit I was at a new low on Monday, but I just kept thinking God knows I am strong and I believe He is not going to put me through anything I can't handle. This kept me strong when I needed to be. And sure enough, God took care of me and now I have the best territory in my eyes and the least travel time! I had 2 HUGE appts today and they were both AWESOME! Everyone I had appts with, cold called, etc was so nice. I am used to expecting to get a big NO every once in a while during the day, but I didn't hear that a single time today.

On to Tatum news...I went to pick up Tatum today from Ms. Gail's house and she was napping. She woke up for a minute to smile at me and look at me and then we left to come home. We got home at 5pm and she was asleep. She slept until 9pm and we finally woke her up to eat and then she went straight back to sleep. I guess daycare is really wearing her out! All of the kids there are so cute. I stayed today for a while to talk to the kids and play with them. I had fun, I think they did too.

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