Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl and Sleeping Beauty

Last night Antonio, Tatum, and I went to David's parent's house to watch the game with everyone. It was great to get together with everyone and hang out. Tatum was well behaved for the most part. She took two power naps and smiled and talked alot.

While we were all there I could not help but look around the room and think about how EVERYTHING has changed for EVERYONE in the room since last year. Let me explain...

Mike and Jenny were there last year and Jenny was literally DAYS away from having their first child, and this year their little girl was there laughing and playing! She is such a sweet baby and so happy! Her 1st birthday is next week and we are going to be there to help her celebrate. It was good to see what is in our near future for Tatum. Mike and Jenny are such great parents and it shows because their little girl was just so well behaved.

Perms and Nicky were there last year as well and they were just dating. Since last year, they have gotten married and are now expecting their first child as well(another little girl for the group). They are so excited about their new baby on the way and I think they are really ready for her to get here.

Zack and Tonya again were there last year too. They are now expecting their first child too very soon! (another little girl of course) Tonya is so cute pregnant and we know that they will be awesome parents. I just with we saw them more often!

And then there is Keith...this year Keith has a girlfriend that he is happy to have! They have lots in common and were friends for a long time before they started dating. I didn't get to talk to him much last night, but I am sure he is very happy with her and I am glad to see him happy and dating. I was a little jealous though because he is too busy for me and Antonio now between the new woman and his coaching job, we NEVER see him anymore even though he lives 2 houses down from us! We will have to change that soon!

David and Nicole and their little boy were ther this year and he is 4 I think. He is SO cute and well behaved too! Plus he is growing up too fast! Everytime we see him, he seems like he has grown so much. He is a smart little guy with the cutest dimples! He found him a new girlfriend for the night with Mike and Jenny's little girl! They played for the whole night together. Once again, great parents and Parker is so happy and funny. He is one luck boy because it seems like EVERYONE is having girls in our group, so he will get to pick who he wants to date! hehe...

Tim and Jennifer were there again this year. While they don't have children, they DID get a new dog in 2006. They got married right after Antonio and I did in 2005 and are just enjoying marriage right now! I am sure children will be in their future within the next 5 years, but for now, they are enjoying life and having fun!

David and Allison were just dating last year. Now they are planning an awesome wedding and are getting married this summer. They are a great couple and are so happy together. I can remember when David used to date "that other girl" and I just didn't like her! Allison seems to be able to keep David in line pretty well. They have so much in common and I am looking forward to their wedding! I felt bad last night because their parents were there last night and were constantly mentioning them having babies! I know their parents were probably joking, but they are not even married and it seemed to drive them both a little crazy. Their parents couldn't help it though because they are just ready to be grandparents to David and Allison's children(that are not even born or on the way yet). They will just have to wait a few years before they get to spoil new grandchildren. Take your time and enjoy each other! Babies will come when it is time!

And then there is Antonio and me...we, of course, had Tatum last year. When were were at the Super Bowl party last year, I was not even pregnant, but I knew we were going to try later on in the year. Little did we know that God had other plans for our life and Tatum came a little sooner than we thought she would. However, I would not have it any other way!

I think that was everyone in our group that was there...if I left anyone out, I am so sorry. So to 2006, one couple added a dog, 2 couples had little girls, one couple got married, one couple got engaged, and 2 couples got pregnant! WOW!!! This is a sign that we are all getting older and moving into the next phases of our lives. That's a little scary, but exciting at the same time. I can't wait to see the changes next year!

Anyway, we fed Tatum last night before we left and changed her into her pajamas. We left around 9 and she slept the whole way home. We put her straight to bed and she didn't get up until 10 am today. That is 13 HOURS!!! And that is without her eating, and without us even having to go in and give her the pacifier! We really wore her out last night I guess. This is really great that she slept so long, but we have discovered a problem and maybe someone out there can help....Tatum loves to sleep long hours these days, but because she does, when we get her up in the morning her clothes are always SOAKED because her diaper is full and over flowing. Anyone know how to stop this? I have heard to put her in a bigger diaper, but will that really work? Anyway, if anyone has an answer to my problem, leave a comment and let me know!

I forgot to take pics last night, so sorry for the long blog with no pics!


flyingsoon said...

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Kimberly said...

13 Hours is incredible! What did you do with all that sleep? Hopefully sleep! ha!
Not sure on the diaper thing-but not a bad problem to have her sleeping so much!

Mom said...

Sounds like you and Antonio associate with REALLY ACTIVE people--dating, getting married, married, having baby, having baby, having baby, has baby, has baby, has dog. WOW! Enjoy the greatest moments of your life and live every moment to its fullest. I am so proud of you and Antonio. You both are great parents to Tatum and maybe some day, other little Simpson's will join your family. You might want to let one or two Super Bowls pass before that time!!!!!