Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2nd Day Back to Work

Well, I figured I better be quick to update everyone on the latest with my work situation since yesterday didn't go so well. As I posted yesterday, I did lots of prayer for strength and I think everyone else did too. I was determined to have a good attitude today and not let ANYTHING or ANYONE ruin my day. I had a good day. Of course I still didn't get my territory back, but I do have a new one coming my way and I don't think I want my old one back anyway.

The good things about my new one is that I have a whole new territory to sell in unlike my old one where I was just tired of looking at the same old businesses every day. Also, for my new territory I don't have to drive more than 20 minutes from my house to get ANYWHERE!! In my old territory I could spend 3 hours of the day on the road which means I wasn't selling but half of the day. I also had a phone block today and already set up a face to face appointment with 2 target(big accounts) accounts in my territory for tomorrow and Friday, so that is definintely great news.

Thanks to everyone that prayed for me. Please continue to pray for me because there are some other things I am still dealing with, but I am trying to only focus on the positive things at this point.

Also, Tatum did great again with the lady that is keeping her. She was smiling when I left and smiling when I got back. It makes life so much easier knowing she is happy and well taken care of.

Finally, I have to do some bragging on Antonio. He has been so helpful for the past two days with helping me with Tatum in the mornings so I can get out the door by 6:45am. He gets her up around 6:10am, changes her diaper, dresses her, feeds her, puts her in her carseat, and even loads her in the car. Tatum and I have managed to get up and out the door in about 45 minutes thanks to Antonio's help. Tomorrow I get to sleep in a bit and not leave here until almost 8am!! YAY for Daddy-O(Antonio) and other helpful daddies in the world!

I will keep my blogs updated this week for sure so everyone can know how life is going. We will also try and take some new pictures of Tatum so I can post them this weekend.

FINALLY....last thing, I have officially lost 14 lbs since Christmas. I am almost half way to my goal for the YEAR!! The treadmill hasn't been used since I went back to work, I must admit, however, I think the real secret is STOP eating when you are full at mealtime and NO snacking. It is working for me at least right now.

Until next time....

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Kimberly said...

14 pounds! You are my hero!!! That is wonderful! Even though I have no idea where you need to lose it from?!
I'm glad you are so positive about the work thing-I know you will sign those big targets and show them!
Also I'm so happy you have such a wonderful place for Tatum and such a great hubby to help in the mornings.
Can't wait to hear how everything goes the rest of the week!