Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tatum Gets Tubes....

Tatum was scheduled to get tubes Friday morning. We had to be at LeBonheur by 6:15am, so that meant I had to get up at 4:30am to get Mateo fed and get myself ready. While this sounds bad, it was actually worse since Memphis Tigers played a late game the night before that I HAD to watch. My mom came into town to watch Mateo while we took Tatum. After getting everyone and everything ready, we were off.

When we got there, Tatum wanted Antonio to read her a book.

Since it was so early, we decided to just let Tatum wear her PJs.
For some reason, Tatum kept looking at this statue of this woman....she said it looked like her mommy??

Then she had to check everything out while we waited to be called back...
Once we went back, we had to change Tatum into her new gear. She got to keep on her PJ pants...
We got into a room and were waiting for Dr. Milburn to come by and see us.

After the dr. and a few nurses came by, Tatum got to go to the Bunny Tunnel and pick out a present. She picked out some pink cheerleading pom poms and a megaphone set. We gave her hugs and kisses in the Bunny Tunnel and then she went on with the nurse and we went back to wait in the room for the nurse to come and get us. She did great and didn't cry at all when we left her.

While we were waiting, we watched a little TV. Antonio decided to hook the remote to himself...

About 15 minutes of waiting and Dr. Milburn came and said her ears were a little worse than he had expected so he was glad we did the tubes. He said all went well. Then a nurse came and got us and said Tatum did GREAT! She didnt cry a single time when she was back in the surgery room. When we went back another nurse was holding her and led us into a room. I grabbed her and sat down. Here is a pic of us... We dressed up Amigo bear in some scrubs so he could go with her...
Tatum was talking a little 'crazy' when we first saw her. She told us she wanted her kitty cat...apparently she THOUGHT we had promised to get her one if she did good???? Antonio is allergic to cats, so this won't be happening.

The nurse said she could have clear drinks and I had packed some Gatorade for her. She CHUGGED it and the nurse was a little shocked and offered her some apple juice. She drank the whole thing very quickly too! She was doing great and wanted to watch Dora(?) So we turned on the TV and she sat in my lap. Eventually we got the okay to change her back into her clothes. The nurse came in and said we were free to go. Tatum wanted to walk out on her own, so the nurse held her hand and Tatum did a cheer for the nurses with her new pom poms.

Tatum has been doing great since we got home. Antonio headed to work around 9:30. My mom stayed with me all day to help out with the kids. I am sure glad she did cause I was TIRED!!! Tatum took a 3 hour nap, but I am guessing that is because she got up so early.

My dad stopped by to see the kids on his way home. My mom and dad left around 6 last night and Antonio had a men's conference to go to, so I was home with the kids by myself. We ordered pizza, watched some TV, colored, played with playdoh, played dressup, and FINALLY went to bed. Tatum was in bed asleep by 8:15, Mateo by 8:45, and me by 9:30!! Antonio is at the men's conference again today until 2pm. Things are going great. Tatum is playing and watching VeggieTales and I am blogging while I feed Mateo.

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Jennifer said...

Tatum looks so sweet. I love the amigo bear getup. What a great idea! And you look GREAT too!

I am so glad that she got tubes. It seemed like she always had ear infections! I can't believe they were worse than they thought!