Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy 3 Months!!

Today, Mateo turned 3 months old. Time has gone by so fast!
I can't believe we have gone from this.....
to this......
in 3 short months!! It makes all the extra LBS that have been hanging on seem more worth it when I get to see Mateo smile at me!
Here are some things about Mateo...
-Mateo does so well sleeping. He sleeps 12 hours at night in his crib. This is a true blessing!

-We are having lots of trouble getting Mateo to take a bottle. He took a few Avent bottles early on when we were out in public, but at about 8 weeks decided he didnt like the Avent bottle anymore. Then we tried a few other bottles with no success, but finally got him to take a Playtex Ventaire bottle last week. He took a bottle from Antonio 2 days last week and one bottle from my friend Brandy who babysat for us on Saturday. However this past week, when my mom was in town to watch Mateo for us while we took Tatum to get tubes, Mateo decided once again he did not want to take the bottle. Also, we went to church this morning and he would not take the bottle from the nursery worker, so I feel like we are at square one again with this. I secretly think he doesn't want me to return back to work in a few weeks, but that's not an option.

-Mateo also doesn't really care for the pacifier either. He usually only takes it for naptime or bedtime, but quickly spits it out and sleeps away. I think he would be fine without taking it at all, but I still offer it. Also, if he is upset, offering him the pacifier is not an option. It doesn't help in these crying fits.
-Mateo does NOT like a dirty diaper. He will cry so hard when he is dirty. Don't get me wrong we didn't let Tatum sit in dirty diapers all day, but I do want to be sure they are done doing the deed before I change them. He lets you know when he is done with some loud crying.

-Mateo loves to be held and cuddle with you. I love this! It makes it difficult at times to get things done, but everything else can wait....I am going to enjoy these moments!

-I can remember when I had Tatum I wanted to rush her into growing up 'cause when she was little she didn't 'do' anything. With Mateo, I think I appreciate this baby stage more. I love the fact that he isn't crawling or walking around. He is just happy sitting in my lap or in his Bumbo seat so we can talk and look at each other.

-Mateo has a nickname or two....I constantly find myself saying "HEY BUDDY!!", "Morning Sunshine", or "Hey Little Man!"....I also sing the "MY BUDDY" song to him know that old toy and the commercial went...."My buddy, my buddy, wherever I go, HE GOES"(I feel like we are tied at the hip since he won't take a bottle so it seems quiet appropriate.)...... I will have to post the video for you guys.
-Mateo is wearing 3-6 month clothing these days. He can wear 0-3 months, but I think he looks a little more comfortable in the 3-6 month I want him to wear his 3-6 month clothing before it gets too warm. He is also still in a Pampers size 1 diaper.

-Mateo loves to watch TV with me. I am not sure if it is because the TV is so big (50") or if he just thinks the people are talking to him or what, but the TV catches his eye.

-Mateo also enjoys walks outside. He prefers to just be in the stroller and not in the carseat.
-Speaking of carseats, Mateo still HATES his. We don't get out much to go shopping or anything because it just never works out. I end up having to take him out of his carseat to hold him. This makes it harder for me to shop and I ALWAYS manage to break a sweat like I am playing basketball or something. This becomes quiet embarrassing when it is 45 degrees outside. We made a family trip to the new Target this weekend. I wore a t-shirt and jeans while everyone else was in sweatshirts and sweaters....yet I was the one

-I attempted to cut Mateo's nails for the first time this week and managed to draw blood! I have cut Tatum's nails for 2.5 years and never done this!! errrr
-We are raising Mateo as a Memphis Tigers fan of course. He is the youngest Tigers fan in our family, but he has already made it to a game this season. We plan to make it to many more in the future!

I don't know what life was like before Mateo, maybe a little less hectic? We have had to learn how to manage our time a little better. However, we did make it to church at 8:30am this morning, so we are getting good at it! We are loving every minute of watching Mateo grow. Antonio and I are very thankful and blessed to have 2 beautiful and healthy children that we adore! We don't take any second for granted!


Jessica said...

Love the Tiger outfits! We already have one ready and waiting for Baby Ella!

Jennifer said...

I love reading about what Mateo has been up to these days. I saw the "tigers" bear this weekend, but I didn't get it. Other things first.

Kimberly said...

I'm playing blog catch up since I was out of town all week so I have lots to comment about your latest posts.
First of all that my buddy song is going to be stuck in my head now for the rest of the night! Ha! that is soo true with mine, too!
Mateo is growing like a weed and soo cute! He looks like antonio in that one picture of him in the bumbo.
Also-love the step by step with Tatum's tube experience. I love that she did a cheer for them afterwords. I bet she had everyone wrapped around her little finger. I think we are for sure going to schedule Adalie's appointment. Do you think she is acting/hearing any better/clearer as a result?
Not sure if you could tell that so soon or not.
And finally I love the pictures of Tatum falling in the pond. Too funny! Poor wet thing!