Sunday, March 08, 2009

Our Quick Weekend

We had such a great weekend that was full of fun!

Friday night, we went out to eat with Antonio's family for his sister, Eliana's (aka Aunt E.E.), birthday. It was busy and I didn't even take out my camera for pics.

Saturday morning, Antonio took Tatum to Eliana's house for her to spend the day with as well as overnight. Antonio, Mateo, and I got to go to the Memphis Tigers Basketball game. It was senior day, so we were sure glad to be there.

Our seats were great. They were on the first level. Here was our view....

our seats were extra cool because we sat at tables (media tables??). So we had a place to put drinks and food. Here was our food.....
During halftime, we walked up to see Laurie, Cyp, Mckayla, and Mya. I am pretty confident that Mckayla and Mya both love Mateo! Mya didn't like Mateo getting further than an arms length away. She chased him down each time he was passed.

Mckayla wanted to hold Mateo and I said sure. Mckayla was trying to sit down in the chair so she could hold him, and Mya decided SHE needed to climb up in the chair to help Mckayla hold Mateo.
Mya also loved Mateo's pacifier.
Here is Mateo when we got back to our seats. He enjoyed the bright lights in the FedEx Forum.
Coach Cal....
CDR was at the game too....

Saturday night, our friends Tim and Jennifer went to church with us. After church we went and had dinner. Here is a picture of Jennifer holding Mateo. Jennifer is 30 weeks pregnant with her little boy Luke, but she doesn't look pregnant AT ALL!!! I can't wait for Baby Luke to get here so he and Mateo can meet each other!
Saturday night, I put Mateo to bed around 9pm. Tatum was still at Eliana's house, so she didn't wake us up early this morning and Mateo didn't wake us up til 9:45am!!! When he did wake us up, I fed him and Antonio made me breakfast. After breakfast, Antonio and I cleaned the house and did laundry, Tatum came home and took a nap, and then we grilled out at our house and Tim and Jennifer came over.
Our family is definitely enjoying this warmer weather! It allows us to be outside which we all love. I sure hope it sticks around!

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Jennifer said...

Your too kind. Your just trying to get back at me for telling you that you never looked pregnant! Do you believe me that I am pregnant now? You didn't for the first few months.

When I was holding Mateo, Luke was kicking him! Kinda funny!

I noticed at College Station that they have a lot of tigers stuff with orange in it. What's up with that? Mateo's outfit is pretty cute, though. And his muscle shirts! Lol