Friday, September 05, 2008

Week 23

This post is a few days late, but I wanted to update quickly on week 23. I am feeling good, not getting sick or nauseated...just tired. I have always been a sleeper, so I don't know if it is more me or the pregnancy.

Although it is a little late for TP Tuesday, I did measure this morning and I am a little shy of 9 squares.

The 4B Pop Process is officially taking place these days too. I am guessing you are asking what is the 4B Pop Process....well, it is this...

4 B's
-Belly Button

They are all growing and/or popping out.
Boobs-mine have never been big (compared to others I know) but they are big for me.
Belly-I FEEL like i am growing and THINK I am growing, so I hope everyone can tell from the pics below.
Belly Button-It hasn't popped out yet or anything, but it is getting more and more shallow.
Butt-This is where I think all my weight is going (hips, thighs, butt) I was not that cute, all belly, pregnant lady with Tatum, so I was expecting this to happen again.

With all this "popping" I am also gaining some weight too. I have gained somewhere around 10 pounds. I will know for sure Monday morning when I go back for my next appt. I am ok with 10 pounds cause when I was 23 weeks pregnant with Tatum I had already gained 17 pounds. I didn't track it all the way through, but I know that's where I was at that point.

Anyway, below are some belly pictures that I took this morning. This pink shirt was a favorite of mine when I was pregnant with Tatum and still remains a favorite this time too.

As you can see, it looks like I was stripping down as the pictures were being taken, but I wanted to get some good pictures to compare to past pictures.

Also, I finally took out my belly button ring this week. I wasn't going to, but decided it would be easier if I just took it out again.

Look for more posts later.

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