Tuesday, September 09, 2008

TP Tuesday...

So, it's TP Tuesday. I am still hovering below 9 squares, barely.

All is going well, for the most part. I had a dr's appt yesterday and it left me down and depressed to say the least.

I hopped up on the scales, weighed, jumped down. Went to the next room to get my blood pressure taken. While the nurse was doing that I looked down at my charts and that's when I saw it...EIGHT POUNDS!!!! I gained EIGHT POUNDS in ONE MONTH!!!(That is more than Amanda W. http://thyatiratales.blogspot.com/ gained her WHOLE pregnancy!!!) I was in a little bit of shock to say the least and I was very disappointed in myself. Don't get me wrong, I know I am supposed to gain weight. Heck, I am pregnant. However, let's do some quick math.

8 pounds / 1 month = 2 pounds a week

I am 24 weeks, so let's say I go up until 40 weeks. At this pace

2 pounds a week x 16 weeks is 32 MORE POUNDS!

That puts me at 40 pounds which is NOT where I want to be this time....eeerrrr!

Then my dr comes in the room and I tell her that I have gained too much weight. She said I was fine because i haven't really gained any up until now. Blah, blah, blah is all I heard. Then I asked her about what the chances are that she will induce me with this baby. She said since she induced me the last time, it was very likely we would do it again. GREAT. So I ask her when she thinks this induction will take place considering all things are progressing normally.

She looks at the calendar and says Dec 29th....Dec 29th!?!?! I am thinking Dec 20th! My due date has been anywhere from Dec 27th to Jan 2nd (based on ultrasounds) and she said she would induce me at 39 weeks, so I am thinking Dec 27th - 7 days and that makes it Dec 20th. SHE is thinking Jan 2nd - whatever and comes up with Dec 29th....oh geez!

Needless to say, I was a little (A LOT) down yesterday and didn't feel like talking to anyone really.

Antonio and I are now on a new path to eating better. We had gotten into eating whatever was quick and easy. But tonight, we had fresh grilled SALMON and GREEN BEANS....yummy!!!(Kudos to Chef Antonio). There WILL NOT be another 8 pounds gained in 1 month....I hope!

No more "Twix Fixes"....no more "Kit Kat Attacks"...none!

Enough venting.....still no name and no decisions made for the baby's room. I will be going to California next week with work and then the next week I am heading to Hot Springs for a much needed girl's trip, so my blogging may slow down a bit for the next few weeks.

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Amanda said...

I'm sorry you were so down yesterday! You made me feel bad for calling me out for not gaining more, lol. Just remember that I was overweight before I got pg. My sugar free diet and exercise that I was FORCED to do were most likely the culprits for the small amt. that I gained. But I gained 6 lbs in one month with Jax and still only gained 19 lbs total with him. All hope is not lost...what is most important is that you are eating right for your little boy. Your body will gain whatever it needs to to keep you both healthy. As for the induction date, that's far enough away that you may have time to change her mind! At least she's willing to induce so you know for sure you'll be able to claim the new one on taxes for this year! LOL And salmon is a great meal - my doc told me to try and eat it 3 times a week!!!!