Friday, September 05, 2008

Project 1 Complete

Before I get to the project, I thought I would go ahead and post some pics of Tatum. She is SO into dressing herself these days. Sometimes she tries to put pants on as a shirt or a jacket on as pants, but she doesn't want to be corrected so we just let her play. This past weekend, she found a swim diaper and thought she needed to wear it. She was trying to get it on her head and got frustrated so I must admit I did help her get it on, but she LOVED it.

We are slowly but surely making progress for Tatum's new room. We have pretty much cleaned it all out and our next task was to paint the bed and dresser in there so we can use them instead of having to buy new furniture. We ended up not taking the bed apart because we volunteered to host a family that had to evacuate LA because of the hurricane, so I was scared we would get it apart and then get called up. Long story short, we never got a call and no one stayed with us, but we didn't know that so the bed didn't get done.

Here are a few pictures of the dresser before Antonio and I sanded it down. As you can see it is a dingy white(or maybe off white) with gold trim. I had already taken the drawers out, but trust me the handles on the drawers were SO OUTDATED. This dress was my gandmother's at one time, then I think it was my sister's and now we have it.

And here are some after pictures. We just painted it all white and changed the handles. I think it turned out great and I am proud of the work we did.

Now we just need to
-take the bed apart, sand it down, and paint it
-clean out the closet and add a double bar
-clean off the bookshelf in there and put it by the curb!
-paint Tatum's little school desk I got at a garage sale
-and FINALLY move her in!
I will try to take pictures of the progress we make. I can't promise much promise over the next few weeks since I will be in and out of town for 2 weeks and Antonio will be gone some of that time too.


Janice said...

The dresser looks fantastic!!! Too bad you don't have the mirror that we used when Laurie had the dresser in her apartment. Keep up the good work.



Jennifer C said...

Wow, turned out beautiful!!!!!

The Duff Family said...

It looks great. I have a few projects at my house if you are looking for something to do.