Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Miss....

I am in California and wishing I was home!!! While I don't have to worry about anything other than getting to meetings on time and staying awake in meetings, I still miss home. I am in my room, it is 7:30pm (9:30pm at home) and I am about to go to bed, but before I do, I wanted to post the things I miss.

I miss....

-Tatum and her awesome hugs and kisses, her sassiness, and her cuteness
-Antonio and his pampering....and even his snoring!
-i miss my bed. (even though this bed is nice, it is LONELY!)
-I miss my "me time" after work. I LOVE my roomie, but I still miss having some "me time" while Antonio goes to pick Tatum up.
-I miss my drs! I am sure the things I am learning here are priceless, but I still miss my work! (Hope that makes sense)
-I miss my time to talk on cell phone! I feel like when I get out of meetings, everyone is in bed, eating dinner, or something since I am 2 hours behind it makes it hard. I feel like there have been lots of things happening this week while I have been out of town, and trying to catch up and figure out what is going on is hard when you are 2 hours behind.

I think it is nice to get away to realize how much I appreciate and miss my family and routine.

On a side note, my feet have been swelling MAJORLY since I got here! I know flying can do that, but sitting in these meetings all day are killing my feet! I NEVER swelled with Tatum, so it makes me a little nervous. I am trying to stay well hydrated, but if anyone else has suggestions, let me know.

I know i am rambling and this is boring since there are no pics. I get home Thursday night late...but I will be home soon!!

My flights were wonderful on the way out here....please pray that they are just as great heading back.

i have lots of pics to post when I return, so check back soon, I will try to do that when I get back home (before I leave again to go out of town next week).


JRH said...

hope you have a safe flight back! you'll be back before you know it...just hang in there!

jessica said...

Hang in there!! Just one more day before you'll be home. I can't wait to see pics of your trip. And just think....this time next week you'll be in Hot Springs (which I am still sad and very jealous I won't be able to come) Have a safe trip home. Call me later tonight if you need someone to talk to. Remember Scott travels to CA all of the time and I'm use to the time difference. LOL

Amanda said...

I was the swelling queen while pg with Jax!! The advice that I got: don't wear anything tight because it can cause swelling (tight bras, socks, waistbands on pants); lower sodium intake; never drink powerade/gatorade; no canned veggies; prop your feet up when you can; drink 8-10 glasses of water a day; limit caffeine. But I still got ridiculously swollen with Jax. The only thing that I think kept it from being bad this time was my regular exercise! I hope it was just from flying for you . . . maybe you won't be plagued by swollen feet like I was!