Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ray of Sunlight...

Well, after my blog post yesterday, there has been a wonderful out pouring of support from lots of people. Thanks for that. And to clarify something, when I was "venting" about how everyone keeps asking "Are you okay?" Well, I need to be the first to admit that I am THE WORST when it comes to knowing the right things to say in tough situations. All of the things everyone has said have been great and I appreciate it all.

Also, I had bloodwork done yesterday in the dr's office to make sure that my beta hcg levels were going down on their own which would mean I don't need a D&C (or that's my understanding at least). Anyway, I just got a call from the nurse and my levels went from over 6500 a week ago to 799 yesterday, so that is very good. That means my body is taking care of this naturally so that makes me feel better. I do have to go back in next Monday to do more bloodwork so we can continue to watch my levels go down.

Please continue to keep me and Antonio in your prayers. We are doing well(I promise). Also, please don't feel like you can't call and get us out of the house to hang out or go to dinner. We still need food to survive.

Finally, a VERY SPECIAL thank you to the person that called Antonio yesterday. He was very surprised and so thankful to have a call from someone who has experienced the same thing from his point of view and knows exactly what Antonio is going through. Thank you for the call, you know who you are!

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