Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


Tatum had a very busy Valentine's Day. She got dressed up in her V-Day outfit and then I attempted to take 'the perfect' picture to capture the day. Here was my attempt at that...

I tried bribing her with the keys...that didn't work too well.

This next one is probably the best one. She only sat still for a second though...
then she turned her back on me...

After the mini shoot before daycare, Tatum went to school. Let me just say that Tatum's teachers are the BEST!!! Ms. Carol and Ms. Courtney are too good at spoiling me. I just throw my camera in her bag when she has a special day at school and they take pics for me. That way I get to see a little bit of what I miss out on by not being there.
These first two pics are of Tatum standing by the teacher's desk.
Notice in this one....NO HANDS!

Below are some of the other kids in class....from left to right...Lainee, Afton(Tatum's boyfriend at school) and Evalyn.
Cassidy and Tatum
All the girls in class...Lainee, Evalyn, Cassidy, and Tatum

Her whole class...left to right...Afton, Jackson, Lainee, Evalyn, Cassidy, and Tatum. I can't believe they are all sitting and being good!
Tatum sitting in her chair at the table for lunch. She is looking at Afton sitting beside her.

This is how they eat snacks and lunch. Let me just tell you the first time Tatum went in this class when she was only a year old, I NEVER thought she would sit in her chair without trying to get out, but she does it everyday. How cute are they!?!?! Their names are on the table in front of them, so they know where to sit I guess?
Notice, by lunchtime, her ribbons are already gone out of her hair.

So from Antonio, Tatum, April, and ALL of Tatum's class at daycare....
Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with LOVE!!!


Jenny R. said...

Oh my gosh, Mackenzie has the same outfit!!! Only solid red pants and the shirt says "I love Daddy". Scary!!! I didn't get her dressed this morning so Mike didn't know to put it on her so she will be wearing it tomorrow!!!

Also, I can't believe how much Tatum has changed in the last couple of weeks. She is a little toddler now!!! Not a baby at all anymore. I can't wait to see her again and hopefully soon.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Nicole said...

Could Tatum be ANY cuter?! I love the Valentine's outfit. Parker wore a little shirt that had #14 on it with Heartbreaker across the top. He was totally on a sugar high after his party. I hope you guys had a GREAT Valentine's Day.

JRH said...

those pics are adorable!!!

Amanda said...

Too cute!!!! I love the outfit. I can't believe they sit in those chairs and eat! I can't imagine Jax being that still at home.

Kimberly said...

AW I love love love that little girl!! She is absolutely precious! You know I can relate to trying to get one good picture only to get the back of a head instead! I am sooo amazed by how they get all of those 1 year olds to sit still when I can't even get one! Also-to all eat at the table like big kids! Can you please ask them how and to let me know asap!!

MOM said...

I agree with all the other comments: Tatum is a cutie and I like the outfit and it fits so good. She looks so tall and grown-up. Lets not push that boyfriend stuff yet. That will start soon enough. I cannot get my high school students to sit still and keep their hands to themself. How could you ever teach one year olds to be so well-behaved! Glad to see you are blogging more--I really miss reading your writings and seeing the pictures. Keep up the good work!
Love, Mom

Polka dots & Paisleys said...

Hey! I saw that you commented on my blog today and I decided to read yours! (Thanks for the link to my site by the way!!!:) Your little girl is precious! She is such a cutie! I had to laugh because her "photo shoot" seems to go just like mine do with my baby boy! ~Martha~