Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prayer Needed...

My grandmother's sister has been in the hospital for about a week or so. I can't give you all of the medical terms they used to say what was wrong, but from what has been passed along to family, she is some major pain and she is getting some relief from medications. She lives in Florida with her husband. Please keep her in your prayers. Last I heard, she is doing better, but she is still not ready to go home from the hospital. (she is the one in teal)

Below are two videos from when my family went to Florida in July 2007. My grandmother got to go down with us and spend some time with her two sisters during the week. Here are two videos that I took of my grandmother and her two sisters singing as we all enjoyed seeing them together and happy. Tatum is the background singer if you didn't figure it out.

Also, I will post my Valentine's Day blog later. The camera is at daycare in Tatum's diaper bag. oops!

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Jenny R. said...

She is in my prayers.