Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Knowledge Overload

As most of you already know, I officially started my new job yesterday. I had to go meet with the 4 other people that got hired, our manager, our trainer, and my partner was there too. We ate lunch and signed some paperwork.

I must say that I experienced a pretty awkward situation while eating with everyone at lunch. We went around the table to order drinks and EVERYONE either got water or unsweetened tea (BLAH! to both) All I wanted was my Dr. Pepper, but I couldn't really be the only one drinking a soda, so I got water because I didn't know if someone would say something about sodas leading to diabetes. THEN we went around to order our lunch and I must say I was hungry. Luckily I was the last to order, so I listened to what everyone else was getting.....grilled salmon, grilled salmon salad, grilled chicken salad, and that was pretty much all that was ordered. It came down to me and I don't like salmon and didn't want a salad, but I had to order, so i got chicken salad and fruit. It was okay, but I must admit, I didn't even eat half of it, so when I left I got me a baked potato and a Dr. Pepper on the way home! I know that is so bad, but I was hungry still.

Anyway, all of the newbies asked questions and then we were done around 2. Everytime I am with my partner, I get more excited! He is just so awesome and I think he thinks the same about me(I hope.). I say this because he sure was picking on me yesterday, but not in a mean way, just joking around which was great!

After I got home, I called to line out a rental car because mine that I ordered is still being made! How awesome is that?!?! Antonio got home about 6:30 and I just wasn't feeling well, so I told him I was going to go to bed early. I skipped supper and I was in bed asleep at 7:30! I was snoozing great until about 10pm and I suddenly woke up and ran to the bathroom to "get sick". It came out of no where, but it sure did come! After all of that was over, I went back to bed and was up every 30 minutes to an hour in the bathroom. It was not a wonderful night.

Today was my first real day of having to study at home and I was feeling aweful! Antonio got Tatum up and took her to daycare and then came back to pick me up to get the rental car. I came home and did my studying with a little nap in the middle and now I am done for the day. I think i may read up on my next module. I NEVER thought i would be learning about Anatomy and Physiology in my life, yet here I am! It is actually pretty interesting, but WAY too much for my brain to process.

Please keep me in your prayers that my brain will process all of this information and I will start feeling better.
Also, please pray that I don't get Tatum and Antonio sick!! I am feeling a little better today, but I haven't eaten much either.


Kimberly said...

You poor sick gal-sick again! You just can't catch a break, poor thing! I hope you are feeling better by now! And that you are soaking up all that knowledge!
Welcome to the competitive non eating skinny pharmaceutical world! Just be yourself and eat as you want and you will have more energy to kick their butts in sales!

Amanda said...

Peer pressure to eat healthy . . . that's hilarious. I get just the opposite when I eat out with my coworkers. Hope you are feeling better.