Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fussy Baby...what is wrong?

Long story, short, today Tatum was being a little fussy and we weren't sure why. She woke up during the night a few times and finally got up around 7:45am. She also had a runny nose. Well, after reading Kimberly's blog about Adalie's new tooth coming in and they didn't even know it(the dr. discovered it at her checkup), I decided to put my finger in Tatum's mouth to just feel around in there. What did I feel????? A tooth!! That's right, Tatum's first tooth is coming in. It has already broken through the skin and everything. I have noticed that everything is going straight to her mouth these days, but I just figured that was because she learned how to control her hands enough to get everything there.

Now, for all of you new parents or soon-to-be parents out there, I must put out a warning...

As soon as I felt the tooth, I decided that I needed to RUSH to the store (in the RAIN) and get her some baby orajel and some teething tablets. I rush off, find the orajel, but can't find the tablets. I am on my way home and Antonio calls me to tell me that she has been crying her head off for 10 minutes straight which is just not like Tatum, so we knew she was in REAL pain(poor Tatum). I get home, apply the orajel and wait. She is still just screaming and Antonio and I are both looking at each other with the most desperate looks on our face. What do we do!?!?!? We were clueless. I did get the things where you can put food in them and the are kind of made of a net so Tatum can chew on them and get the juices, but doesn't swallow the food and choke, so I put a frozen stawberry in it and she won't take it. Anyway, about 20 minutes AFTER I got home, we are still trying everything we can and then it hits me.....Tatum should have EATEN like 30 minutes EARLIER!!! We were so wrapped up in doctoring and nurturing this NEW tooth, that we forgot what time we needed to feed her. After figuring this out, we quickly fixed the bottle and she chowed down. THEN after the bottle, we tried the frozen strawberry again and she LOVED it!!! So the warning is, don't forget to feed the baby, even when a new tooth comes in!!! It sure is hard being a first time parent! lol

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Kimberly said...

Ha! So funny and so something I would do-or probably have...hehee! I'm surprised I didn't see you in the aisle at Target this weekend. I was there on the one by the pottery barn outlet getting what else...orajel and teething tablets (in the rain!). I hope her tooth is feeling better-poor gal!