Friday, March 16, 2007


Today was my last day of work at Cintas. I went in about 8:30 this morning and took all of my stuff in and placed it on my desk. I talked to a few people, cleaned out my desk, and left around 10:30. I went and watched Memphis play basketball and then went back at 3pm to do my Exit Interview. I am so glad that today is over and I never have to think of Cintas again. The past 4 weeks have been the worst 4 weeks since I started at Cintas THREE years ago. However, at the same time, I made some great friends there and I just can't imagine not seeing these friends anymore. I hope that we stay in touch, but also realize that staying in touch with so many people in the future will probably not happen. We shall see...

On to another topic...As you all know, it is MARCH MADNESS time! I LOVE baskeball and especially Memphis Tigers basketball. However, I have never made out a bracket to pick who I think will "win it all"...well that was, until this year. Antonio and 3 of his co-workers decided to form a group on the Fox Fantasy website and invited me to join the group and compete with my picks. I did my bracket on Monday and finished it in about 10 minutes.(I didn't put much thought into it.) As of today, I am #1 in the group! I am beating ALL of the guys and I think it is SO FUNNY!! I have gotten 24 out of 28 games correct. I am even number 8014 out of 314,209 total participants!! I am just loving it. I will keep you posted on how the bracket finishes out because we are all so close that anyone could win it in the end.

Finally, I haven't taken pictures of Tatum in a while, so I decided to take some pictures of her last night when Antonio was giving her a bath. Here they are below....

I just LOVE her beautiful BLUE EYES!!!

I think this is my favorite picture of her that I took last night. Her little personality is growing so much everyday and she just cracks me up!

Bathtime really makes Tatum sleepy and one of her new habits is to rub her eyes when she gets sleepy. I just think it is THE CUTEST THING ever!! I know, I know, I am so cheesy, but if you have a baby, you understand.

This next picture isn't the best one of her, but it does show off her beautiful eye long eyelashes. Plus, she is really using her hands these days to reach out for everything. I was talking on the phone yesterday and she kept grabbing it. Her age right now is so much fun. I love to watch her discover new things!

Tomorrow we are planning to work in the yard if it is pretty, so Tatum will have to play in her swing, exersaucer, or something outside while we get a little work done. I will be sure to take some pictures if it is nice.
We also took Tatum on a walk last Sunday after church because it was so pretty outside. She LOVED it. We dressed her up and put some sunglasses on her and off we went. (Sorry I forgot to take pictures.) She loves the outdoors (I think every child does) and I can't wait for it to get warmer so we can spend more time out there.


tpillstrom said...

I just love her blue eyes too! She takes the best pictures! You will have so much fun with her outside this summer! My boys love it and we have been outside almost every day the past two weeks! Have a fun weekend.

Kimberly said...

Look at that beautiful girl! I love those eyes, her hair, and those long eyelashes! Antonio better watch out for those boys!