Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mateo turns 8 Months, GO TIGERS, and Race Day

It has been a LONG time since I last blogged. Get ready for lots of pics from this weekend...

Mateo turned 8 months on Saturday. He is so much fun and I love to see Tatum and him together. They love to play together (this usually means Tatum sings, dances, and runs circles around Mateo while he sits in the floor or in his exersaucer).

I won't list tons of things he is doing new, but I will list a few of the ones I can remember.

*Mateo FINALLY got his first tooth 2 weeks ago. It is on the bottom. I don't know if there will be more to come anytime soon, but I LOVE his gummy smile and will miss it.
*Mateo still sleeps great. 12 hours plus every night. He also seems to sleep a little later on the weekends, which is VERY nice!
*Mateo is sitting up great, and loves to get on all 4's, but he is not crawling. He does scoot backwards, but no forward moving motions right now.
*Mateo is on Stage 2 foods. He loves his fruits and veges, but REFUSES his meats unless we mix them with fruits or vegetables.
*Mateo also loves his Gerber Puffs and crackers!!
*Mateo is in a Size 3 diaper now.
*I don't really know what size clothes he is in now. He still wears some 3-6 and some 6-12. The 6-12 are too big, but not all 3-6 fit him. It really depends on brands. Gymboree and Gap he is in 3-6, but I do put the bigger sizes on him too.
*I have no idea what size shoe he would wear. I did try on a size 2 a couple of weeks ago and it was HUGE, so I am guessing he is a size 1. He hasn't worn shoes or socks all summer, so who knows.
*Mateo has just now stopped letting me hold him and cuddle before he goes to bed at night. I can hold him, but he is not going to fall asleep while I hold him. However, he DID fall asleep today while I was holding him, but he was WAY past his nap time.
*We are still having issues with his skin. He is very sensitive to certain detergents and they make him breakout and itch. We are doing all the dr told us to, but he is still breaking out on his legs and elbows. I think it has to do with daycare. They are using a different detergent on sheets, bibs, burp cloths, and anything else they wash, but I think since Mateo is getting mobile and he rolls off the mats at school it must be the carpet(or what they shampoo the carpets with??). It is driving me crazy that I can't prevent this because he is scratching the crap out of his legs.

I think that is it for now.

To celebrate Mateo's 8 month birthday, we went to the University of Memphis Fan Fest 2009 on campus. This is a time when fans can meet the players, coaches, mascot, cheerleaders, etc. Here are some pics.

This is an old firetruck that is all Memphis'd out.

Tatum and I had matching I was THAT mother on Saturday.
Mateo and Tatum with some cheerleaders. I must warn you, most of these pictures from Saturday are pictures of my kids NOT looking at the camera. You can't win them all I guess.
Tatum with India (the iguana)
Uncle Cyp with his girls and our kids.
Me and Mateo. It was much hotter on Saturday than I thought the weather said it would be. I was wearing jeans and sweating to death!!
Colin, Jessica, Tatum, Mateo and I
As I said before, it was very hot and this picture with Pouncer was right before we were leaving. Mateo had had enough. He was tired and hot. As you can see, he didnt want to take a pic with Pouncer...

Tatum has twins in her class at school and their dad is a coach for Memphis. As I told him, most people out there were probably calling him COACH, but Tatum called him "Karleigh and Kennedy's daddy".
Mateo debuted his mohawk for Fan Fest. I always said if I ever had a son, he would sport a mohawk when he is small, so I guess I can cross that one off my list.

Tatum loved looking and talking to Tom III. He will turn 1 on Monday.

Sunday, Antonio did a race at Shelby Farms. It was a 1/2 triathlon. Antonio told me the race started at 9am, so when the kids and I showed up at 8:30 and I realized everyone had already finished their swim and were starting their bike rides, I was a little shocked. Apparently the race started at 8....oops.
We layed out our blanket and took some pics while we waited for Antonio to transition to his run.
Mateo rocked the mohawk again because when he woke up this morning, his hair hadn't moved much. I must admit, I LOVE his little mohawk! Makes him look tough.

Tatum wanted to cheer on Antonio during the race, so we made this sign for her to hold. She loved yelling "GO DADDY GO!!!"

Antonio coming in for transition #2....we missed the first one.

Heading out for his run...
We decided to take more pics....
....and eat more snacks. Mateo was going to town on his Gerber Puffs. He has definitely mastered picking them up and getting them in his mouth.

Waiting at the finishing area for the racers...
There's Antonio....
Coming in and finishing strong.....

I think Antonio said he beat last years time by 20 minutes. I think that is mostly because he had the #1 cheerleader out there cheering him on....
....and all the training he has done since last year! GO DADDY GO!!!


The Duff Family said...

Love the pictures and great to hear about all of your adventures.

JRH said...

omg i love all these pics! i really love that memphis shirt you have, too! whoop whoop!