Saturday, August 08, 2009

Haircuts (FIRST for Mateo)

Mateo and Tatum have both been needing haircuts, so I made them appts with the same girl that does my hair and we went this morning.

I know some of you are thinking that Mateo is ONLY 7 months, so why does he NEED a haircut. Well, this is why...

His hair is way past his ears and it was driving me (and Antonio) crazy.

Tatum went first. She was very excited about getting her hair cut and wouldn't consider not going first. Here she is in the chair with her cape on pre-haircut.

At home, Tatum has a mirror on the back of her closet door, so every morning she sits on her steps that are beside her bed, looks in the mirror, and lets me do her hair. So, Amber let her hold this mirror so she could look down (but still look in the mirror).
Here is a pic of Amber with Tatum. Amber has been doing my hair for years now. I went to her the first time when I was 6 months pregnant with Tatum(Thanks Tobie for telling me about her!!). Now she cuts my hair, Tatum's hair, and Mateo's hair too.
Amber was telling Tatum to look in the big mirror now.

I just got Amber to trim the dead ends off of Tatum's hair. This next picture is blurry, but you can tell how Tatum felt about her cut.

Mateo was next. I didn't get to take any pics of the actual cut since I was holding him while Amber did it. She just trimmed up around his ears. It took like 3 minutes, but looks so much better.
Before we left I wanted to get a picture of Mateo with Amber since she did his first haircut. However, Mateo was too busy flirting with Amber.
Mateo finally took a brief break from flirting so that I could get a few pics.
So, they both did great! Tatum said that Ms. Amber made her and Mateo BEAUTIFUL!


Kimberly said...

1st of all I was reading below and you look sooo great!!! I can tell the challenge is working for you!!
Next...I'm soo jealous of Tatum's long healthy hair!! We are still growing out Adalie's straggly hair from the bad haircut 9 months ago! If I had just left it alone it would be as long as Tatums! Such a pretty girl!
And Mateo is so big! I love that outfit!

Precious Moments said...

I sure wish Brylee would get some more hair!! I don't think she gets to get a haircut for a while :) Cute post

.:Anna:. said...

Cute kids! I have 3 three year old nieces. 2 of them helped each other with their own hair cuts! IT was pretty funny.

Way to go for your husband on the tri! THose are hard!

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