Saturday, August 08, 2009

Catching Up...

It has been SO LONG since I blogged last (and REALLY long since I blogged with pics), so I thought I would do a little catch up post first and then newer pics next.

Tatum has been telling me 'I don't feel good....I need to go see the dr.' in the mornings recently. I guess they have been learning about different jobs at school and this is where this is coming from? Not sure, but I know she feels fine because 2 seconds later she is giggling and running around playing.

Anyway, a few weekends ago, Tatum got her chance to go see the dr. One of my friends from college just finished up chiropractic schooling down in FL and came for a Memphis visit before she moves to Chicago. Colleen worked with me on campus while we were in college and she was also in my wedding. I miss her not living in Memphis, but know she is doing bigger things.

Here is Dr. Fazio with Tatum.

We just went to eat at Perkins, hung out there, and caught up a little.

It was pretty difficult to get a good pic of 2 kids at one time, so I got Dr. Fazio with Mateo.

Mateo also turned 7 months old on July 29th. He is growing WAY too fast. This is the only picture I took that day. He was in his carseat and we were about to head to school that morning.
Mateo is still such an easy baby these days. He just goes with the flow. He is a HUGE flirt and LOVES the ladies!!
I know this is horrible for me to post, but this is what Mateo does while I am getting myself ready in the mornings(Tatum sits on the couch and watches with him). We have our morning routine down to an art. I can get all 3 of us fed, dressed, clothes changed, completely ready, bags packed, lunches and bottles made(Antonio does this), etc and get out the door in 1-1.5 hours. It depends on how much of a rush I am in.

Tatum wore her dress that my mom made for her to school the other day. Tatum calls it her "ballerina" dress.

Last Saturday after we got out of church, we met up with 2 other couples to have dinner. It was fun to get our kids together since we all have boys that are so close in age. All 3 of them are within 5 months of each other.
Here are the 3 daddies with their boys.
Mateo pulling Tatum's hair. He pulls my hair some, but he LOVES dark hair for some reason. Tatum thinks it's funny, so I guess everyone is happy.
the 3 amigos

Mateo is all smiles most of the time (unless he is sleeping). Here is what I get to wake up to every morning!! LOVE IT! (He has been drooling for months now, but still no teeth. I don't mind though because I love his gummy smile!)

3 mommies and our baby boys.

An attempt to get a good pic of me with Mateo and

Mateo with Timmy. Tatum LOVES Tim. He is so good to her and she talks about him all the time. I guess Tim is trying to get the same 'in' with Mateo. As you can see, he loves him some Timmy too!
This was a very quick update of the past few weeks in pictures. I will be posting some videos and other pics later if I get time.

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