Saturday, July 18, 2009

Challenge 2 Update

I haven't talked much about the second Weight Loss Challenge that I am part of, so I will now. It is the same as the 42 day challenge, except we are doing this challenge for 12 weeks.

While the LBS haven't been dropping as fast during this second challenge, I am seeing many inches disappear....which is fine by me.

So far, since starting the first challenge, i have lost a total of 16 pounds(12 in the first challenge and only 4lbs in the 2nd challenge so far). I didn't take my measurements for the first challenge, but I did take them before the second challenge started and in 6 weeks, I have lost over 7 inches!!

Now for the big news....I have gone down about 3 sizes!! I can now wear my old work clothes and suits!! To be honest, I didn't even know this until this week. My pre-Mateo clothes have been hanging in my closet (not being touched) since January. I knew I couldn't wear them(or anything even close to it), so why try them on, right? Well, before I went back to work in May, I went and bought new pants, some skirts, etc to wear for work and I have been wearing this stuff since I started back to work. The dress pants I bought were beginning to be a little bigger, but I thought they were just stretching out since I was wearing them so much. However, I went to a store this past week and tried on a new outfit in a size I couldn't even wear before I got pregnant with Mateo(it was cute and on clearance)......and it FIT!!! Now let me say, it is a skirt suit, so I am sure I got away with a smaller size because of that, but on Wednesday, I felt GREAT!

Thursday morning, I got up and decided to pull some pants out of the closet (gasp!). I got the larger size out (that I couldn't wear) and tried them on and they were ok, but a little baggy, so I pulled out the smaller size(DOUBLE GASP), put them on and wore a perma-smile the rest of the day!!

I still have several LBS and inches I need to lose, but seeing the progress is keeping me motivated!!

I also wanted to send a special shout out to Kristi. She is ROCKING this challenge! If you haven't seen her latest Challenge Update, you should go to it now. This challenge has been great for so many of us and I don't know what we will all do when it is over....hopefully KEEP GOING!

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JRH said...

congrats! great job!!! :)