Saturday, September 19, 2009

This and That....

I haven't blogged much recently because it doesn't seem like much has been going on. This past Thursday, Tatum got sent home from school because she was running a fever. Her teachers told me that it was nap time and they told all the kids to go to their cubby and get their blankets. As they were getting all the kids down, they couldn't find Tatum. They looked around the room and found her at her cubby, bent over, head propped up on her cubby, asleep! We took her to the dr later that afternoon and she tested negative for the flu, but we got Tamiflu for her "just in case".

Later in the evening, she fell asleep on Antonio and he put her in bed. A few minutes later she started crying and he went to check on her. Apparently he picked her up and that's when I heard it....she started vomitting. It was all over Antonio, Amigo bear, and the floor. There was a trail leading from Tatum's room, across the hall and into the bathroom. Antonio gave Tatum a bath while I tried to clean it all up. I didn't do too well, but managed to get it cleaned up without getting sick.

Tatum hasn't really been attached lately to anything. She still has her Amigo bears and Baby Luke, but nothing HAS to travel with her or anything. However, when we got to the dr's offic on Thursday afternoon, all she wanted was her Amigo Bear!!! She whined and whined and asked for him. We had to find him as soon as we got home and she has carried him around since Thursday. I am VERY thankful we have 2 because when she got sick on one, we just gave the other one to her and threw the dirty one in the washing machine for a much needed bath.

Anyway, Tatum woke up Friday with fever, but did not get sick all day. Antonio AND I both stayed home, but I took Matoe to school. Tatum slept alot during the day and just lounged around the house.

Today we hung around the house again. The dr. told us not to go out all weekend even if we thought she was feeling better because she still might be contageous. I got out to run some errands, but other than that, we stayed in and chilled out. I got to do some deep cleaning in a few rooms of the house and hope to get some more done tomorrow.

We signed Tatum up to play soccer with our YMCA last week. Her first game will be next Saturday, so this past week, I went to get her some soccer gear. Apparently, Tatum has a rather small foot or something because I couldn't find soccer cleats in her size. I did find a store that would order some for me, so I went and picked them up today. Since that was the last gear needed to complete Tatum's soccer outfit, we let her dress up for us and I took some pics. Here is Tatum in her NEW SOCCER GEAR...

...Tatum wanted to show us how she can kick too....

Near the end of our photo shoot, Tatum would tell me "THANK YOU!" every time I took her picture. You can see she gets tickled as these pictures progress.

Mateo has been keeping us busy too. He is all over the place these days. His little army crawl is NOT slowing him down by any means (especially on our hardwood floors). He was playing in the floor tonight, so I sat in the floor to eat dinner while he played. He let me know quickly that he wanted to eat with me, so he got to enjoy some puffs. (Yes, he is wearing his PJs. Yes, he wore them all day. Yes, they are wet because he has been drooling. Yes, he has 2 more teeth coming in I think. and Yes, he is eating his puffs off the ground. No, they did not start there, but how do you tell an almost 9 month old to keep his puffs on his plate?)

Mateo decided to show me his 'happy plate'.

What are you looking at Mateo? Oh, Daddy who is holding your puffs over your head.

If you are on facebook, then you probably saw my post last week about how terrible Mateo's skin has gotten since he has started crawling. We know he has ezcema, but it is SO BAD right now. When we took Tatum to the dr Thursday, I decided to go ahead and take Mateo too. The dr. said that kids usually have ezcema 'flare ups' when they have a cold or virus. I don't know if Mateo's teething caused his ezcema to flare up or if it was something else, but it is getting better slowly. Here is a picture of his foot and leg. Just imagine this ALL OVER HIS BODY. I am not lying either. Just wanted to post it so you all could see how bad it really is so you don't think I am being a drama queen or anything.
So, Antonio discovered something new today about Mateo. Every time I feed Mateo his bottle, I have to hold it for him. I have often compared this skill to Tatum because Tatum started holding her bottle around 4 months old and it was nice because I could get ready in the mornings while Tatum drank her milk. However, with Mateo, he is almost 9 months and i have to hold it for him every time. Well, look who has been holding out on us....
Do you see what I see????? Not only can he hold his bottle, but he can hold it with ONE HAND???

It's okay. I enjoy our morning time together, but I laughed so hard when I saw him holding his bottle on his own.

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