Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Month Old...Already???

I am trying to keep up with the blogging, but it gets hard sometimes. Let's see...Mateo is already a month old (as of today) and it seems like I was JUST in the hospital.

Here is a picture from this weekend sometime.

Our leaves got bagged finally this weekend. Antonio's mom sent someone over to take care of them for us. It was much appreciated. I still don't really understand WHY it is so important to bag the leaves. I grew up in the country, so we never did leaves or else it would have taken us FOREVER. The only reason for bagging leaves that I can come up with is to keep the neighbors from giving nasty looks to us because our leaves keep blowing over into their 'leaf free' yard.
My sister's birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated with my parents this past weekend. Here is Laurie holding Mateo. He screamed the whole way to the restaurant cause he hates his carseat, so she was getting him to calm down. Mya was checking out his feet.
This is how Tatum smiles now when we try to take a picture of is either this look or she runs away.
Mckayla shows Tatum the 'proper way' to take a picture. As you can see, Tatum is taking notice on how to do it right.
Mckayla and Mya in their matching dresses.
Grandaddy and Tatum
The group at the restarant singing Happy Birthday to my sister...
I think she got a little embarrassed...
Tatum, Mya, and Mckayla helping Laurie blow out the candles on the cake.
Mateo spending some quality time with Grandaddy.

Mckayla wanted to hold Mateo during the whole lunch. I finally let her hold him after lunch. I think Mya looks so sweet holding down the blanket so she can see Mateo's face.

The best attempt to get all the grandkids together in a picture.
Tatum dressed up like a princess one night for us. She is REALLY into this dressing up.
We finally started bathing Tatum and Mateo together and Tatum LOVES it. She tries to help out with him, but it is a bit too much right now. He is enjoying the big bathtub much better than the sink. I tried to keep him covered up with warm washcloths and then clean him fast and get him out.
Last week I had a UTI, I took meds and they worked great until they ran out, so I had to go back to the dr this past Monday and get more meds. They are also doing some tests, so I should hear something back today.
Mateo is doing great at night. I feed him between 8-9 each night and he will sleep between 7-8 hours until his next feeding. After I feed him, he will go right back to sleep and will usually sleep for another 5-6 hours.
We have also transitioned him into his crib at night. There have been a few nights that I have given up and put him in bed with me so we can both get some sleep, but for the most part, he is doing well in there.
Life is great. I am DYING to get back in the gym so I can lose some of this weight since it is holding on for dear life. Before I got pregnant with Mateo, I was working out 4-6 times a week and actually enjoying it for the first time in my life. I miss it and hope I can jump back into it at least 3-5 times a week.
Antonio is still a HUGE help with the kids. When he gets home from work, he will let me leave for a bit to run errands and then I can pick up Tatum from school. He has also been cooking alot for us so we arent eating out so much.
Tatum is doing SO GREAT with the potty training. She will poop and pee in the potty. She tells us she has to go and off she runs to the potty. We even bought a little potty cover to put in her diaper bag and carry when we are out and it has come in handy several times. Antonio has also let Tatum run around in her big girl Elmo panties several nights. While she did pee on the couch a few nights ago, other than that, she hasn't had an accident. She HATES her diapers (doesnt mind the pull up as much) and everytime I am changing Mateo's diaper, she will just look at him and say "EEWWW!!! EEEWWWW!!! EEWWWW!!" like 100 times. It is so cute and I am trying to get a video of her doing it, but she gets very distracted when the camera is in my hand.
I guess that's it. Life is getting back to 'normal' whatever that is. I am still going to be off of work for a few more weeks, so I am just trying to enjoy each day.


Jennifer said...

Red Robin....YUMMM!!! What did you eat?

I want to rejoin the gym too! (I quit paying) You always want to do the things you cant do, but when you can, not so much. Me and Luke are going to go swimming!!

JRH said...

my niece loves to play dress up, too! tatum is definetely at that age. aw! your cute little family is so sweet. :)

Precious Moments said...

Hey, thanks for saying hello to me! Yes, I love Kim...I used to live in Memphis with her until our husbands graduated dental school.Anyway, you have a beautiful family yourself!