Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Fast Weekend...

We had a very busy and crazy weekend. With the rain and me having sinus issues, I have been so tired but kept going so we could get everything done.

Friday, it was raining when I got Tatum ready for school, so I put her rain boots on her. They were a little big, so I changed them, but she loved them anyway. (Amigo Bear made the pic too)

This next picture is Tatum cheesin' for the camera before we left for school.(I am not really sure what is on the tv in the background, so please ignore)
Saturday, we had a BUSY day. Antonio, Tatum, and I met my mom, grandmother, sister, and 2 nieces for fast shopping and then lunch at 11. We finished eating and ran home to let Tatum nap for about 30 minutes and then headed to Longhorn for Antonio's mom's birthday lunch. Here is a picture of the WHOLE family.(Antonio's mom, dad, sister, sister's hubby, niece, and nephew).
After we left there, we got gas and headed to church. After church we went to dinner with a few couples from our church. We FINALLY got home around 9 or 9:30. Sunday we got to sleep in and be lazy since we went to church Saturday night.

Not sure if this last picture will make sense to most of you guys, but isn't it the cutest thing?!? Does it look familiar to anyone??? lol WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Sunday I also started working on Tatum's 2nd birthday party plans. I have most of it figured out. I ordered a few things online Sunday. I can't believe she will be TWO soon!!! eeeekkkk!

That's it for now. Be sure to check out the other new blog below about Baby Boy Simpson below.


Jennifer said...

Tatum looks more like you than ever in the second picture.

And..the Beagle magnet is so funny! Antonio is so stealthy! And you with the drive away car...I see your reflection! You guys are so thoughtful. We love you too! Sappy!

The Duff Family said...

Love the boots!!

Kimberly said...

I hope it rains more often so she can wear those boots more!!!
Tatum is looking so big cheese'n for the camera! I love her big grins!
It is crazy we'll be mommies of twos soon (in more ways than one).