Friday, August 15, 2008

Nothing But TATUM Update

I was looking at my recent posts and realized that I haven't posted pics of Tatum in a while. I am having trouble uploading pics to our newer computer and now our camera charger and docking station is giving us trouble.

Anyway, here are some candid pics of Tatum. One night after she got home from school she climbed up in this chair and started watching tv with us. I grabbed my camera to catch a pic...

She realized that I was watching her and taking pictures of her, so she posed for me.

This same night she was being quiet a silly thing. This is what she did with her plate after finishing her supper...

Tatum is growing up so fast these days right before our eyes. She is talking SO MUCH these days. I am going to attempt to make a list of all she is saying...
E. E. (Antonio's sister)
abby (Gabby, Tatum's cousin)
ELMO(she LOVES Elmo these days)
Ok this list thing is for the birds.....Pretty much, she will repeat anything we say. Some words are more understandable than others. She knows her body parts and can point to them. She is learning colors at school and doing pretty well. We also do flash cards at home that have the letters of the alphabet on them. So, we will go through them and say the letter, then she will say the letter, we will say a word starting with that letter, and she will say that word too. She does great til about M and then she loses interest I think.
She loves to color. We do that several times a week too. She has starting singing on her own more and more. We know she sings her ABCs cause we can understand "A, B, C, D" and then it gets a little more unclear from there, but she continues singing and bobbing her head for a while. When she finishes we have to clap and cheer her on and she will do it again.

One funny thing that she does now is a little bit of our fault I guess. Between school and home, Tatum learned all of her animal sounds which is GREAT. However, now when we try to get her to say CAT she says MEOW, DOG she says WOOF WOOF, TIGER she says ROAR, etc. She will NOT say cat, dog, tiger, or any other animal names.
Tatum did get bitten at school again yesterday. That is just the second time since she has been going there, but we THINK it was by the same girl both times. They don't tell us who bit her because they don't want us to retaliate against the child I guess.
Tatum has also finally moved up to a size 5 diaper. The size 4's still fit her, but she was waking up wet every morning and started getting up from nap time at school soaked, so we went up in size.
Tatum is wearing either 18-24 month clothing or 2Ts right now. It just depends on the brand. She is wearing size 4's in most shoes except for keds and she wears 5's in those. She is pretty tall for her age I think, but she has the smallest foot. All the kids in her classroom are at least 2 except for her and she is as tall (if not taller) than all of them. Not by much, but I was noticing it the other day.
She is learning to drink from a cup at school. No straw, no top, nothing....just a regular cup. We still use her sippy cups at home, but plan to phase them out as soon as her teacher says she is 100% on a regular cup maybe.
Tatum is great at following directions. Some things she does is...
*take things to the trash can and put them in when we ask
*go give Maggie a snack
*pick up (books, crayons, bears, etc)
*brush her hair
*shut doors
*go gets her shoes
When I get her ready every morning, I do her hair on her changing table after I get her dressed. She has both of her care bears in her lap while this is going on and she will "do" their hair while I do hers. It is the cutest thing. When she finishes, we head to school.
Tatum's big girl room is being worked on. I am trying to clean it all out and decluttered and then I would like to paint some of the furniture in there to make it look fresh. (I will be recruiting help for this though). I think I posted earlier, but her bedding did come in and I went and got it last week, so we will hopefully have her room done by her birthday if not sooner, but I'm not rushing it too much.
I guess that's it for the latest on Tatum. I will be better about updating with pictures as soon as I get a new docking station or something. I think Antonio will let me buy a new on since we made some extra money last week. (I will post about that later).


Jenny R. said...

Too cute. Tatum is precious. Mackenzie went through the same phase of making the "sounds" of the animals instead of saying the animals name. What a precious phase she is in. Hang onto it as LONG as you can. Soon, you might be in the talking back phase. God, I hope you don't go through it!!!

Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

I love those sweet pictures of Tatum. Addyson does the same thing with the animals. Can you believe our girls are almost 2!!! Weren't they just born like 2 months ago or something?! Can't wait to see pics of Tatum's room when it is done!

Jennifer said...

Tatum is sitting in the chair like her mamma.

Buck Rogers said...

You are way better Mommyblogger than i am a daddyblogger. This is so great and she is so cute