Wednesday, August 20, 2008

50 Things To Do Before I Die

I read Buck's Blog the other day where he posted his "99 Things to do before I Die" blog and decided to do my own list.(Since I don't know how to like his post you can click on "Daddy Diaries to the right and scroll down.) While I didn't make it to 99, I did make it to 50. I figure I can add to it as I go. Some of the things on my list I stole from other people when I was researching things, others I did come up with on my own. So, here it is...

Things To Do Before I Die…

1. Travel to Australia
2. Own a Beach House
3. Get back down to the weight I was when Antonio and I met
4. Train for and complete a marathon
5. Go skydiving

6. Swim with dolphins
7. Go on a family vacation EVERY year

8. Attend the Olympics(at least to see gymnastics)

9. Go to Costa Rica (again)

10. Stop biting my nails

11. Fly first class somewhere (anywhere)

12. Learn not to say yes when I really mean no.

13. Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it, instead of just thinking about it.
14. Accept myself for who I are.
15. Learn to make authentic, Colombian empanadas (Yummy).

16. Give a panhandler ALL the money I have on me.
17. Take an African Safari

18. Retire in a different country

19. Learn how to cut hair and actually find people that will let me do theirs

20. Write a book about my life

21. Live long enough to see all of my kids have their own kids.

22. Throw a dart into a map and travel where it lands
23. Be thought of as someone’s hero
24. Design and build my dream house

25. Visit Mt. Rushmore

26. Visit the Great Wall of China

27. Travel TO (not through) all 50 states
28. Get rid of ALL of my clothes and replace them without looking at a single price tag.

29. Float in the Dead Sea

30. Touch a Penguin

31. Hold a Koala

32. Travel somewhere via a train

33. Drive Antonio’s motorcycle by myself
34. Go snow skiing
35. Hold a monkey

36. When driving past a homeless shelter or "bad part of town", really look at the people and see their struggles, their challenges, and realize how blessed I am.

37. Learn to cook a ridiculously complicated 3 course meal and serve to at least 6 people.

38. Go to a wine tasting

39. Go on vacation with just me and Antonio (no phones, no internet, no tv)

40. Give a compliment to someone every day.

41. Buy and expensive camera and learn to take professional quality photos.
42. Learn to do a cartwheel

43. Become a NEAT FREAK!

44. Attend the OPRAH show when she has a MY FAVORITE THINGS episode.

45. Make a difference to an old person, a young person, and a peer.

46. Put on a swimming suit and feel great about how I look

47. Learn how to plan flowers (and do it) or at least put something nice to look at in my flowerbed.

48. Learn the entire THRILLER dance.
49.Write my own obituary. Full of funny things like “she was a world renown roach smasher.”

50. Mentor a child

So, what's in YOUR list of things to do in your lifetime?


Nicole said...

What a great idea!!!!! I am definitely gonna do a list of my own.

On side note, Parker had a TON more hair than Caroline does. Hers is starting to grow though. And my friend does embroidery and she made Parker's big brother shirt and Caroline's matching little sister onesie. I will get you her information if you would like.

Buck Rogers said...

That was way better than mine. You even took time to find pics. Colored me impressed.

Since Nicole did a side note, I'll do one too

On the create a post page (where you type you entry) the first button in count 6 buttons over including font and that is the link button, it looks like a chain link over a world. It is before the left align button.

Open the page you want to link in a new tab or window. Copy the address bar. Highlight the word you want to link say Buck and click on the link button. This will open a small pop up. Hit ctrl + v and it will paste the the address in there.

That is how you create a link. You can also link pictures by doing the dame idea but instead of highlighting a word select the pic and then hit the link button.

I hope that makes sense.

Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

Good idea!! Maybe if I am not busy at work this weekend, I can do this!! I might even steal some ideas from yours!!! Hope everything is going well with you !

The Duff Family said...

Very cool idea.

Jenny R. said...

You did great... Made me start thinking. And by the way, you are someones hero... Tatum thinks of you as her hero EVERYDAY!! I promise.

Now you can mark one off already!!!

JRH said...

great idea! i love the idea of traveling to the place from the dart on the map. such a free-ing idea!