Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Race...

Antonio had his first official race today. He did a Sprint Triathalon out at Shelby Farms which consisted of a 1/4 mile swim, 5 mile bike ride, and 2.5 mile run. He just got his bike about 6 weeks ago, but has been wanting to do a race since he had his 2nd ACL surgery back in Nov 2007.

Here is Antonio before the race proudly showing his number...

Tatum wanted to take a picture with Daddy before the race too.
This is a picture while we were waiting for Daddy to swim by. Can we say....FAKE CRY!?!? eeerrr
Now she is showing her belly. This is one of her things she does ALL the time now for some reason. I am guessing she was doing it so much at the race since most of the guys were walking by to go swim and were not wearing their shirts.
And then the race began. Antonio was in the second round of racers. I could not have spotted him swimming if I had wanted to, but here is a snap shot of some swimmers in the NASTY water at Shelby Farms. I don't know that you could pay me to get in that water. Tatum and I were watching the first group of swimmers coming out of the water and it was hilarious!!! They were all having trouble getting out cause it was so slippery and muddy.
After the swim, Antonio came in to his spot and put on his shirt, socks, shoes, etc and grabbed his bike.
This next picture is after he got done with his bike ride and was coming back in to drop off his bike and helmet to head out on his run.

And there he goes...
Antonio came in running with a buddy he met on the run through the woods. Antonio said the guy was walking and he passed him and then started walking. The guy, Tim, asked him why he quit running cause he was his inspiration. Anyway, they decided to run together the rest of the way to keep each other going. This was a picture of Antonio and Tim coming in to the finish line!! It was Tim's first race too.
There were around 300 total racers. Here is a picture of where the racers would come in and transition. There were many more bikes and stuff, but I didn't take this picture til long after the race was over.
Antonio decided to carry a gatorade on his bike ride. When he opened it, he hit a bump and it went everywhere. Here is a close up of his sticky bike. There were TONS of ants on it but Antonio cleaned most of them off before I could get a good picture.
Tatum and I are so proud of Antonio for his first race!!! He did great and hasn't even been training very long. I think there will be many more races in his future. i think he is trying to keep from gaining any sympathy weight with me this time? Either way, we are very proud of him and it was fun to go watch him do his first race.


Jennifer said...

That is so cool that Antonio did this. It really is inspiring. The only time I ever want to go run outside is really late at night. Like last night after I laid down, I felt like I had a ton of energy and needed to go run it off, but it was 12 and I wasn't going outside then.

Jenny R. said...

WAY TO GO TONIO!!! HA... I am a poet and didn't know it!!! Okay, it is LATE and I am looney or as Mackenzie calls me, COO COO!! No seriously, that is awesome!!! CONGRATS.

Buck Rogers said...

Congrats. I hope to do this soon.