Monday, July 16, 2007

Florida Fun in the Sun

Antonio, Tatum, and I went to FL last week for vacation with other family and had a wonderful time. We made it down there Sunday morning at 7:30am and Antonio headed to bed while Tatum and I hit the beach. Tatum LOVED the sand, but probably too much. She wanted to eat it any chance she got. Here are TONS of pictures from the week. I will explain some of them, so enjoy...

These first few pictures are Tatum's first time to see and taste sand...

Here is a picture of Tatum's haircut in the back.
On our second day to the beach, we took a kiddie pool for Mya and Tatum. It worked very well, so a big thanks to Kimberly for letting me steal her idea.
This is my other niece (and Mya's big sister), Mckayla enjoying the beach.

Next is my brother Clif with the girls in matching outfits.
This is Clif, his wife Jennifer, Mckayla, Tatum, and Mya.
Here is Clif holding Tatum and my dad holding Mya.

Tatum enjoyed the pool and beach, but I think her favorite things was to nap out there. Here is one of her naps by the pool.

Tatum had speghetti and meatballs(gerber stage 3 food) for the first time and let's just say she LOVED it, can you tell?

Tatum and Mya enjoyed a bath together too...
...well Tatum enjoyed it anyway.

Here is Mya all dolled up and ready to go out.
WE took the Nintendo Wii and I am sure glad we did because it provided hours of entertainment each night when the babies went to bed. Here are Cyp and Antonio boxing.

Finally, here are some pictures we took at the beach on Thursday night. There are tons, so enjoy them.

Grandmommy had a way with taking the babies around the pool and putting them to sleep. Notice Tatum is out in this picture.

My grandmother (Tatum's great grandmother) went to Florida with us, but stayed with her sister and bro-in-law for the week. On Friday they all came back over to see us again, so here are some pictures of my grandmother, her two sisters, and their two husbands.

Next is the best picture, it is my grandmother playing the Nintendo Wii (golf).
And here are the three sisters singing for us. I have a video of this too that I will put up in another blog.

Since our first beach pictures didn't go so well, Antonio and I took Tatum on Friday night to try again to get some good ones of her. Once she saw the sand we could not get her attention to look at the camera, so it was very difficult! We tried everything from bringing chairs, to sitting her on towels, etc. We got some good ones, but it was sure hard work.

(That guy in the background of these pictures is my bro-in-law. He was hunting shells for Mckayla I think.)

As you can tell from all of the pictures, we had a great time down in Florida. On our last day down there, we discovered that Tatum's 5th tooth had cut through. These teeth are coming in so fast! I will put up a couple of videos later. Please leave a comment if you have time.
Sorry for the very long blog, but I hope you all enjoyed all of the pictures.


Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I LOVE all of the pictures!! Esp the ones of Tatum and Mya. I think it is so sweet that they are so close in age. They will be BEST friends!!

Jennifer C said...

You have a beautiful family!!

Robynn H. said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures! They are too cute.

Amanda said...

There are so many pics, I don't even know where to start! The pictures are great though. Some of the beach ones look professional to me! It looks like everyone had a great time. I can't wait until we can take Jax to the beach. I thought it was a little early at 5 months since he couldn't sit up by himself. And the haircut looks great! Did you do the sentimental thing and save a lock of hair for her baby book?