Sunday, July 15, 2007

7-7-07 Wedding

Antonio and I went to a wedding on 7-7-07 of some of our close friends before we left to go to Florida(Antonio was a groomsman in the wedding). The wedding and the reception were both perfect. The whole night was so much fun and the bride and groom had the best wedding ever. After the reception (at about 11:45m), Antonio and I changed clothes and headed to Florida. Tatum was not with us because my mom and grandmother took her down to Florida Saturday morning. Anyway, here are lots of pictures from the reception.

Our friends, Tim and Jennifer were both in the wedding. The bridesmaids' dresses were so cute. They were black with a pink ribbon on top.
Next is Nicole and and her husband David..(Nicole and David have a little boy named Parker. He is around 3 and in a few years he is going to have lots of little girls to choose from because we all seem to be having girls and not too many boys.)
Here is me and Jessica...(we missed you Courtney and Alec!)
Next is Jessica and her husband Scott...
Next is Tonya and her hubby Zack...(They have a little girl that is only a few months old.)
Next is Jennifer and her husband Jason...(They have a little girl that is 1.)
Next is Chuck and his wife Cindy...(they have had all boys, but the youngest was born only a few months ago).
And finally, Nicki and her husband Jeremy...(they just had a little girl a few months ago too.)

This next picture is a picture of all of the Phi Mu's that were after the wedding after we did our Phi Mu thing.
Here is a picture of Allison and David. The picture is not the best, but it is the only one I have of the new married couple together. That cake they are cutting was delicious.

Here is the groom's cake. It was sure YUMMY!! GO TIGERS!!
Antonio and David...

Me and David...
Me and Keith...
Here are all of the LXA's after they did their LXA thing!
Me and Jennifer...yeah, she loves me! Love you too gurl!
My man, aka. Daddy-O...
Tim and Antonio chillin'...
Me and Antonio having a great time!
David and Allison grabbing some one on one time away from the crowd.
Scott and Jessica...
Long story behind this next picture, here is Tim at the end of the night. Cute cape man!
CONGRATS to David and Allison! You guys had the best wedding and it went perfectly!! I loved it all. I know you two will have a great LONG life together! Remember to always tell each other I love you! Always say it like it was your first time and mean it like it was your last.

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Amanda said...

I love your dress! It really stood out in the group picture too.