Sunday, June 06, 2010

Girl's Trip (plus Mateo) to Hot Springs

I feel like I am constantly trying to play catch up when it comes to blogging. Once again, I will vow to try to be better.

Anyway, around Mother's Day, my grandmother, mom, me, Tatum, and Mateo all went on a week long trip to Hot Springs. Let me first say, I LOVE Hot Springs. We have been there several times and even though we really don't "do" anything, I find Hot Springs to be relaxing and it is very beautiful there too.

On Mother's Day, there was a handbell choir that were scheduled to play at the 'botanical gardens'-like place. Let me first say when we were packing, it was supposed to be HOT. I packed swimsuits, shorts, tanktops, etc. Sunday, Mother's Day, it was in the 60's(which really isn't freezing, but it is when you don't have a jacket or jeans). I did manage to throw in a sweatshirt jacket for Mateo and a blue jean jacket for Tatum.

Anyway, we went and the music was supposed to be in a chapel, but this place was BEAUTIFUL!!

We got there extra early to 'get a good seat.' I guess my grandmother and mom forgot that we had 2 little ones with us. I was very nervous on how I was going to keep Tatum and Mateo entertained for so long. We took pictures, looked for bugs through the window, but we finally had to take a walk outside before the music started.

On our walk, we came across this area. At the top were bells that chimed every hour.
I also tried to get some pictures of the kids...

It started sprinkling which ended our outside adventure, so we went back in, but Mateo is ALL about being outside, so Gran decided to take him out for a few minutes.
And finally, the group began. I am curious if anyone else played handbells in church growing up?

Here is the view from our condo where we stayed. I enjoyed being able to look out the living room window and seeing this beautiful view!

Gran and Tatum were off for a walk. This was a daily occurance.
Mateo enjoyed being out in the sun once the weather finally warmed up at the end of the week.

Mateo LOVED watching the boats go by. I think we both could have sat out there hours just watching them.
Tatum said she liked the water too. She was wanting to run around more than sit and observe though.
This cabinet under the TV provided much entertainment for the kids too. It was empty and they loved climbing in and out.

Let me just document for myself how CRAZY this trip was. In fact, I even started taking notes because I didn't want to forget things.
*as soon as we got to the place we were staying, we parked at the office and my mom said something about the dash saying 'low tire'. I opened the back door, and sure enough, the tire was almost on the ground.
*We were lucky enough that some maintanence men patched up the tire for us enough until we could get the tire fixed/replaced. We went to Walmart first and they didnt have the brand that my grandmother wanted. Next we went to Sears and they said they could take care of the tire.
*This tire stuff hit right at dinner time for the kids, so we got to eat dinner in the mall. Normally, I wouldn't have minded this at all, but if you have ever been to the mall in Hot Springs, you know that the pickins' are slim there. We found a place and made it work.
*Finally, we got back to the condo and I started setting up the pack-n-play that the place had for us to use. I know these can cause people trouble, but I am usually a pro at setting these things up considering we have used them since Tatum was born. Well, this was one like I have never seen before and it took me FOREVER to set it up. I had even thought about going to buy one at Walmart, but I didn't want to pay for something that I knew I would have to leave behind because we had no room in the car.
*Even though we went to bed super late, the kids still woke up around 6ish.
*I already talked above about the freezing weather, which wasn't really freezing, but I didn't do a good job of packing the right clothes. And yes, I did check the weather online, but it had nothing about a cold front, I promise.
*After we went to hear the handbell choir, my mom or grandmother decided that Ryan's sounded like a great place to have a Mother's Day dinner. hmmm....I haven't eaten there in a long time, but decided it should be good since it would have lots of different options for the kids. Let's just say it was HORRIBLE....from the fact that there was NO food...they were out of everything, to the kids around us running around our table..seriously, cirlces around the table which almost made my grandmother fall one then she said something to the parents and the 2 tables of people
*Sunday was a long day and we were all in bed by 8pm.
*The kids and I slept in until 7:45!! That is unheard of in our world!
*We drove around the town alot just to see what was going on.
*Finally, decided to do some shopping after lunch and Mateo had a blowout, but thankfully I was prepared.
*We were back in our condo and cooking dinner by 4:30.
*Both kids were in bed by 7pm.
*This night some bad weather was in the STATE. My grandmother was pretty worried about it, but I kept showing her on the computer that it was WAY north of us. My mom had to call to see where the emergency shelter was...there wasn't one. I finally just went to bed and I dont even think it rained that night.
My official notes end after Monday, but I will document a few other things...
*Had lunch with a friend and her son that live in Hot Springs now. We made plans to get her 2 kids and mine all together for the first time ever the next morning.
*Went back to condo and we all went out to do some shopping. Tatum was complaining about not feeling well....I figured she was tired like I was.
*Our first stop, she walked in with my grandmother, complained that she wasn't feeling well, Gran took her to the car so she could just sit there. About an hour later we were sitting in a Convenient Care. Tatum was diagnosed with strep throat.
*This meant we could not go play with my friend and her kids the next day.
*I started feeling very bad and had to get some meds called in.
*Headed home. Mateo started feeling bad. Made Mateo a doctor's appt so that Antonio could take him as soon as we got home.

*Antonio, Tatum, Mateo, and I were sitting at the dinner table. Antonio was asking how we knew we had strep. I showed him my throat, we looked at Tatum's, then Antonio showed me his....yep, he caught it too!
These are just SOME of the highlights from our trip. We did have a good time. I was just tired when I got home. I don't know how single moms and single dads do it. I missed Antonio so much and missed his help. He does so much for/with the kids and being gone a week wore me out!

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