Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Real Monday-The Difference Part 1

The difference between you and I (or is it you and me...let's just go with "us") of the many differences between "us" is how we see things in know, perception. I went home this past week to spend time with my parents and also to take my mom to a dr's appt. While there, I decided to take a few pictures around the house.

Here are the first 2...

You probably see an old, rusty building. You may think it just needs to be torn down or something, but I see so much more....

To be honest, I think that building was just as rusty 20 yrs ago as it is today!

I see a building where I spend many days playing while growing up. My dad kept so many things in this, materials, old stuff that no one ever used, equipment, etc. Because of this, there was always something to get into, discover, etc.

Growing up on a farm meant that there were always animals in our lives. Well, we had lots of dogs(among other animals)...who always seemed to be having lots of dogs... Where did they usually have them?(and still do) this building. In fact, that door to the right is a seperate room from the rest of the building that has a dirt floor. At times over the years, we would house puppies in here.

My dad took me on a mini tour of the farm this past week. I can honestly say that I haven't driven on the farm in YEARS! I am mad at myself that I didn't have my camera with me the day he was with me because I could have gotten some fun, interesting pictures, but I didn't know that we were going on this adventure either. I will remember to have it with me next time though.

I have lots more pictures I will post over the next week or so. While you may only see old buildings, 'junk', etc, when I look at these pictures, I see so many memories.

The older I get, the more I appreciate "where I came from". Sure, I didn't come from LOTS and LOTS of money, but I did come from parents who loved us all unconditionally(and some of us really pushed the, I came from parents who knew education was important and it was expected that we all do well in school(thankfully, we all did). My parents didn't give us everything we wanted when we asked, but our needs were always met. We didn't even have cable growing up(and they still don't have it) partially because they don't have cable that far in the country, but that meant we had to be more creative and spent more time outside playing and discovering new things.

It's nice to go home. Even today, things just seem to slow down. It's nice.

I guess Dorothy was right...."There's no place like home!"

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