Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mateo's 2 yr check up

Mateo went for his 2 yr check up yesterday.  I stated in a previous post that Mateo does not like going to the dr, but I had high hopes he would do better this time.  Usually, he does great in the waiting room, but once our name is called, he cries, kicks, hits, etc. because he doesn't want to go back there.

This time, he did great!  Once we got into the room, he colored a picture of Spongebob.  I was even able to take a few pics.

Mateo is showing me his tongue after I asked him to.

Here are his 2 year stats:

Height - 33 inches
Weight (fully clothed) - 28 pounds

I can't give percentages because for some reason they had Mateo listed as a girl.  The office just went to a computerized system which means they had to enter in all the records manually, so our pediatrician said she would get it fixed for us because Mateo is no girl, obviously.

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