Friday, September 24, 2010

Five For Friday

1.  I know people always say it is so hard to find cute boys clothing, but I really don't agree.  I think Mateo has more winter clothing than any other person in our house.  I am worried it won't all fit in his closet!  I won't even start on the number of shoes that my kids have.

2.  I noticed many yard sale/estate sale signs on the way to take the kids to school this morning.  I decided to stop at a few on my way home and I was AMAZED at the great deals I found.  I got Tatum 2 pair of white leather keds for $0.50 each.  At another yard sale, I got 4 North Face jackets for $5 each!!  Finally, I found NEW in the box games for the kids for Christmas or birthdays.(I will post pics later)  I must admit that the amount of upcoming family birthdays(niece-Oct, Tatum-Oct 27, Mom-Nov 7, Antonio-Nov 11, niece-Dec, Dad-Dec 15, and Mateo-Dec 29..wew) and Christmas has me a little concerned since our finances aren't what they used to be....hopefully buying things early might help this.

3.  The kids and I are heading to Lousiana for several days and I am very excited about the trip.  However, 2 things are making me a little nervous....1) I still haven't started packing OR making a list...2) I have never driven more than an hour and 30 minutes alone with the kids and this will be at least a 6 hour journey.

4.  Over the past few months, our laundry room has been the 'catch all' room of the house.  I finally tackled this monster and did lots of organizing to get the room together so that I can actually use the room.  Since then, I have been amazed that I have done more laundry during the week and it leaves my weekends laundry-free.

5.  Antonio signed up to run the St. Jude FULL Marathon and he committed to raising $500 as well.  He set up his website this week and he is really close to reaching his goal already.  I have tried to talk Antonio into starting a blog page so that people can follow his journey, but so far he hasn't given in.  If you want to check out his website, you can go HERE 

BONUS:  I have a friend that is doing the 3 Day Walk for the Cure in Seattle as I type.  That means she is walking 60 miles in 3 days!!  She has a facebook page for her team(which consists of Jessica and her friend Jana.  If you want to follow her walk, you can go HERE.  I ask you to pray that her body holds up and she can finish this journey strong!  I am sure she and Jana would also love to read words of encouragement on their facebook page too.

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Lisa Zyriek said...

shoes...hmmm...must run in the family : )