Wednesday, April 21, 2010

29 and feeling FINE!!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. yes, another year gone by.

I usually tend to try to reflect over the last year as every birthday comes along(does everyone do this?). The past year has brought some ups and some downs, but I am still here and feel very blessed to be living life to the fullest.

It was one year ago, yesterday, that the 1st challenge started. I knew it would be great, but never anticipated how great it would be for my life. I have grown spiritually and shrunk physically over the past year and I am proud of both!

Anyway, this past Saturday Jessica and I did our first 5k together and we had an amazing time together! We wore our Challenge shirts and got many questions about what group we were with. Here are some pictures from the race...

We only planned to walk the race, but did end up running some. I would LOVE to become a runner, but it is much harder than I thought it would be and I am just glad we did the race.
Jessica is training for a very important event that will take place in September. She is training to do the Susan G. Koman Seattle 3-Day for the Cure. This means that Jessica will be walking 60 (YES 6-0) miles in 3 days to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. Jessica lost her mom to breast cancer when she was only 19. Her mom was diagnosed when she was 30 and Jessica just turned 30 last week. Anyway, if you would like to read Jessica's story and more importantly donate to a great cause, you can go to her website HERE .
Antonio brought the kids out to see me do my first 5k race. They had many things for the kids to do. Tatum got to check out the firetruck and she loved it.
Finishing the race felt great, but realizing I was able to burn 914 calories in under an hour mainly walking was very nice to see!
Anyway, I am also thankful every year for my wonderful kids and husband. Things may not always be pefect in the world, but I will always feel blessed with these 3 around me.
You saw a pic of Tatum above and here are some of Mateo from this morning.
I think he looks so grown up these days(maybe it's the walking?).
I must admit that I think Mateo has more shoes these days than I do. I love little shoes, but these are my FAVORITE!!!!

Tiny red Pumas....the best part about these shoes is that I got them at a consignment sale for only $4!!!

So my goal for this year that I am 29 is simple.
"To be the best ME I can be."
That's it....that's my plan.


Kimberly said...

Happy LATE birthday!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you for completing the race. You are one awesome 29 year old!!!!!!!!!!

Precious Moments said...

Aw happy late birthday!!! I am glad it was a good one. I love all your pictures from the race, you girls look awesome!!!