Sunday, May 04, 2008

What are the chances????

I only have one person that I "know" that lives down in Miami now. We met in college and he graduated and ended up in Miami. I LOVE him and it is hard to explain why.

He was a University of Memphis basketball player while I was in school and he was my favorite player. He was also a business major like me, so I got to take some classes with him. However, I didn't really KNOW him. I do have some pictures of me and him from when we were in school together, but that was so long ago.

ANYWAY, while I was heading out to go to Miami, I kept thinking about how cool it would be to run into him. I didn't know where to place myself to run into him, so I didn't worry about it. However, some things are just meant to be!!!

On Friday, a group of us all got back to the airport and got to our gate. I ran into some other Memphis fans and we talked about what a great season we had this past year and talked about the future of our team. I even mentioned that HE was my favorite player of all times.

That's when I saw him. He was walking down the terminal past our gate. I yelled out his name....."EARL". He turned and the couple from Memphis that I was talking to giggled at me. I started digging for my camera immediately and he started walking our way. The lady immediately offered to take my picture with him and I quickly said okay. SO here is our picture together....

That's me with EARL BARRON(please excuse my rough look, it had been a LONG week)...he now plays for the Miami Heat. He is such a nice guy and I have lots of respect for him because not only did he make it in the NBA, but he also got his college degree before going to the NBA.

Needless to say, everyone that I work with thought I was crazy because they had no clue who he was, but I didn't care!!!

Also, I am 5'8", so I am not really short, but I look so short because Earl is 6'11"!!!! I also think that is pretty cool!


Jenn said...

He is HUGE! And by the are a nerd!

Amanda said...

How neat! I don't know who he is, but that's crazy that you would run into him after talking about him. By the way, you look so skinny!!!

JRH said...

that is toooo cool! girl, you have the memphis connection. first, coach earl! i'm jealous!

rghopkns said...

LOL! That could only happen to you, April. I told Danny about you meeting Coach Cal at the donut shop, and now Earl Barron at the Miami airport, he couldn't believe it.