Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Car Accident

This is going to be a very quick blog.

Yesterday, I woke up with a fever and not feeling well so I took a sick day from work. Last night wasn't much better and I woke up this morning still feeling bad, so I got Tatum ready for daycare. The plan was to take her to daycare and take off again today to get better and then I would hopefully be able to go back to work Thursday and Friday.

Well, on the way to taking Tatum to daycare this morning, I had a bit of a car wreck. This is what happened from what I can remember. I came around a curve to see a big black SUV (I am pretty sure it was a Chevy Tahoe) COMPLETELY in my lane, not far from me, and all I could think is..."This is NOT going to be good!!!" I tried to turn and so did the other driver. I remember seeing her just feet from me about to hit me head on....I blinked and then the next thing I remember is seeing the side of her car coming towards me....and then the hit and I came to a stop. I tried to open my door but it was jammed and so I turned and kicked it as hard as I could. It opened enough so that I could slide out. My main goal was to get Tatum out of her carseat to make sure she was okay. I got her out and checked her out and she seemed fine. My ONSTAR immediately reacted and came on to see if there was an accident because they got notice my airbag was deployed. They called for firetrucks, ambulances, and police in a matter of what seemed like seconds. I went to sit down on the curb to try and stop shaking. I called Antonio and he said he heard WRECK and QUINCE ROAD, so he headed my way. I called my manager and I am guessing he heard WRECK and QUINCE and I'M SCARED and he said he would be there in a minute. A few people stopped, but everyone immediately went to the other car because it flipped over on its side. Apparently the driver was bleeding very badly and couldn't get out. Her passanger got out and came over to me to make sure I was okay, but I didn't go check on her because I didn't want to cross traffic with Tatum and I didn't want to see her injuries because I heard they were bad.

Antonio came and he thought it was just a fender bender, but saw the other car first and got REALLY scared because it was on its side. My manager came before Antonio made it and he was so comforting and was only concerned about me and Tatum being okay. We cleaned out the important stuff in my car and Antonio took me and Tatum to the ER to get checked out. We are both fine. I just have 1st degree burns on my arm and hand from the airbag.

From what the passenger in the other car said he and the driver were NOT wearing their safety belts. On top of that, he said she was doing a scratch off lottery ticket WHILE driving!!!

I am just glad Tatum and I are okay and I know God was watching over me because it should have been MUCH worse for me. Even one of the Fire and Rescue guys said that my engine should have been pushed back and I should have been pinned in. He couldn't believe that I didn't have anything broken or fractured or anything else. I KNOW I was blessed to not be hurt and all, but I didn't want to hear his surprise at the time. lol....Anyway, here are some pictures that I took. I always have my camera with me, but for whatever reason, I didn't have it today. So, these pictures are taken with my phone.

I guess the funny side of this story is this...Since I have been sick, I haven't had a shower since Monday night. I just threw on some clothes to take Tatum to daycare. No deoderant, no bra, didn't brush my teeth, heck, I didn't even brush my hair I just put on a baseball hat. Well, I don't think I will ever walk out of the house like that again! I was so worried about going to the hospital. I know this is gross, but the plan was to take Tatum and come home and take a long shower without having to worry about what Tatum was getting into that she didn't need to.
So, remember when your mom or grandmother tells you not to leave your house without clean underwear on, to go ahead and add these to it...Don't leave home without deoderant, a bra, brush your teeth, and brush your hair!


Robynn said...

April, I'm so glad you and Tatum are OK! Please tell me the other driver got the ticket since they were in your lane, and also that the passenger said that information infront of someone else (like the police). I swear, crazy Memphis drivers.

Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

SO glad you and Tatum are ok!!!

Nicole said...

I am so glad that you and Tatum are ok! Take it easy and I hope you feel well soon.

Jenny R. said...

I love you!!!

Kimberly said...

OMG April I am just now reading this and sooooooooooooooo glad you guys are okay! Considering that driver was drunk come to find out, too I am also enraged at how awful it could have been! I'm praying for u guys!